Kim Selwood      Miniature Furniture


Kim will be showing his work at the following miniature furniture shows:

Scottish Dolls House Fairs, Edinburgh  -  Sunday 9th April. 

The Kensington Dollshouse Festival, London  -  Friday 12th & Saturday 13th May.




I plan to exhibit at the Kensington Dollshouse Festival in May but, owing to the increasing difficulties of traveling by train from Scotland to London and Birmingham with two very heavy cases I shall not be participating regularly in the Kensington or Miniatura shows in the future.  My miniature furniture making began as a hobby which has developed into a most enjoyable second career. I wish to acknowledge the support and friendship I receive from Charlotte Stoke (Kensington Dollshouse Festival) and the Hopwood family (Miniatura) and all my past and present customers.  I hope that the furniture I have made for them will continue to give pleasure.   Although I will no longer be a regular exhibitor at these shows, I shall continue making miniatures. 

I look forward to adding to my own collection, completing outstanding orders and will be happy to take new orders.  Please do not hesitate to contact me for my catalogue and with any new, exciting miniature furniture you would like me to make for you.